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Spiritual Counseling/ Paranormal Experience

     More and more of the questions that bring people into my office these days can correctly be classified as spiritual questions, whether or not they are thought of that way by the people who are asking them.  Examples are “what is my purpose?” “is this all there is?”  “am I meant to be in this relationship, (or this  job or this location)?” and " why do I feel  so alienated?”  In one sense, there has been an artificial division between psychology and spirituality as a consequence of professional  territoriality and the modeling  of psychotherapeutic disciplines on the medical paradigm.  On the other hand, psychology has always dealt with these issues.  Jungian psychology and transpersonal psychology in particular have been centered on discovering one’s spiritual path and recovery from spiritual distress.

     I am available to accompany you in investigating questions such as these and others without imposing any particular spiritual discipline on the process.  In my view, the modalities are all compatible with each other and with the major religions and spiritual traditions.  It is the questioning  that unites them.   I might be helpful to you by making you aware of philosophies, disciplines and practices that can accelerate your discovery.  Some of these technologies overlap with the energy psychology work.  Mindfulness meditation, heart/mind coherence practices, vibrational aids (for instance music, chanting, flower essences, brain entrainment audios).  If you are experiencing anxiety of an unknown source,  I can also be helpful in helping you sort out whether the present geomagnetic, cultural, and evolutionary  changes may be partially responsible, or whether you might have energetic boundaries  that are too porous, leaking in disturbing elements from other people  or leaking out your own positive life force. 

     And if you are experiencing unusual phenomena that do not fit with your understanding of the world, voices (clairaudience), visions (clairvoyance) or oddly meaningful coincidences (synchronicity), I can help you sort out whether this is a mental health problem or not.  ( Most people who are going crazy do not wonder if they are going crazy, by the way, and paranormal or so-called psi experiences have now happened to more than half the population according to scientifically-conducted surveys).  Spiritual emergencies and paranormal experiences are  different  phenomena  from mental breakdowns, but can be very disconcerting, nonetheless.  So if you have concerns like those above, do not hesitate to voice them for fear that it is not appropriate to do so in the psychotherapeutic setting.  I will be happy to try to help you understand your experience.


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