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Peak Performance

     Therapy and life coaching are not just for people with mental disorders or vexing life problems.  It can be used for maintenance and growth by those who are not experiencing any particular obstacles, but want to increase their "edge," their happiness, their sense of purpose, their centeredness or their "flow."  The impulse to do this may come from a spiritual place, from career ambition, or from a desire for things to be coherent, consistent, easy and right.  Interestingly, these sectors of interest are converging in many places to create a growing movement of excellence.  Technological advances are facilitating greater health in the medical/alternative health arenas and in the social media word-of-mouth "bio-hacking" communities.  Social entrepreneurship is linking cutting edge commerce and business with altruism and social justice initiatives.  Many of my clients are coming in with a concern to tune up their bodies and brains so they can leave their mark on the world.
     What tools do psychotherapy, energy psychology, spiritual practices and mental health technology have to bring to bear on these endeavors?  Life coaching is a more didactic form of psychotherapy.  The principles of psychodynamics and the brain-training wisdom of cognitive behavioral thought can be usefully applied at any level of depth.  The insights of neuroscience regarding habit formation and habit disassembling have enormous practical use in everyday life.  Neurofeedback is not just for those with ADHD, but is useful for anyone wanting to focus better, or be freed of free-floating anxiety.  Heart-rate variability tracking and training can increase compassion and promote health.  We are now in a new environment in which we are not content to settle for what life has in store for us, but in which we are creators of our lives.  My practice offers all of the technologies mentioned above and will soon offer Heartmath training.  See HeartMath video and link to HeartMath personal performance products below.

     I am excited about working with people with this self-actualizing attitude.  I believe the therapy paradigm is morphing into a kind of informed life coaching that uses breakthrough methods to help clients harness all their inherent resources to serve the purposes they are passionate about.  So let this be an invitation to those of you who are not sure you are up for conventional therapy, but know you would like to move beyond where you are today, even if you don't know where to start.  I have lots of ideas and look forward to working with you.