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Collabortive Family Support

     There is much disappointment, anger and sorrow when a marriage or committed partnership has reached its end, but we are challenged to find healing and a new equilibrium.  Most people have difficulty finding the way to their new life without help.  Sometimes we look to the court system for assistance.  The court may not be the best place to obtain this help, however, as it is by nature adversarial and it is invariably disruptive for all parties involved, including the children.

     A better way to create a new life for the family when parents are not together is through a collaborative process among parents and legal and psychotherapeutic professionals.  Here, creative arrangements that affirm all parties can be negotiated and constructed, taking into consideration the parents' deepest desires for their children and themselves.  There may be custody and parenting arrangments that you have not thought of that would suit your family.  A therapist can help you uncover those.  Individual psychotherapy is often helpful in a crisis of this magnitude.  A therapist can also act as a collaborative team member with your attorney, financial counselor, and other professionals involved in your situation.  A therapist can act as your "divorce coach" as you go through the successive stages of this process on your way to your new life.  Finally, a therapist can give you tools to reduce your experience of stress during this transition.

     I have counseled families, couples and children in my private psychotherapy practice for 12 years.  I have 35 years of experience working with families in public and private settings in clinical, research, teaching and administrative capacities.  I have worked with many local family lawyers, in and out of court to help divorcing families reassess, adjust, and thrive.  I am certified in the practice of several stress relief and energy psychotherapy techniques and I can teach you how to do these at home.

     My work is coverd by health insurance for in-office visits in most cases, and an hourly fee for reports, meetings and phone calls with you lawyer and other professionals at your request (child's teachers, medical doctors, etc.).  Please contact me if you would like to discuss my services further.


  • "Ellen is not only a great Psychotherapist and Counselor but a great person and I consider her a coach because she helped me strengthen a weakness. She has helped me re-focus on ..."
    Brandon Hart
  • "Working with Ellen has been a joy. She has such empathy and a wonderfully non-judgemental understanding of human nature and people. I highly recommend her services to anyone."
    Patricia Crisp
    Naturopath at Discovering Wellness LLC

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