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Quotes Not only did they not rush my appointment, they even let me talk past my scheduled appointment time to make sure I was able to say everything I needed. One thing I appreciated about their office, was how easy it was to find parking. I was able to find a spot right away. I noticed their credentials up on the wall right away. It made me even more confident that I was seeing someone who was qualified. I love that they are always more than happy to answer my questions, and actually welcome questions. I've felt awkward at some other places I've visited when I've tried to ask a lot of questions, but not here. Quotes

Quotes Working with Ellen has been a joy. She has such empathy and a wonderfully non-judgemental understanding of human nature and people. I highly recommend her services to anyone. Quotes
Patricia Crisp
Naturopath at Discovering Wellness LLC

Quotes I have known Ellen for more than five years and met in peer supervision groups with her over that time. She is a knowledgable and thoughtful clinician who is very respectful of clients. She is open and warm and kind. I think she is an excellent therapist. Quotes
Karen Stewart
Owner, David and Karen Stewart, Psychologists

Quotes Ellen is not only a great Psychotherapist and Counselor but a great person and I consider her a coach because she helped me strengthen a weakness. She has helped me re-focus on what matters to me which helps me not only keep my eye on and off ball but in the area where I should be looking in order to fulfill my soul and life journey...... I give her many thanks as you will if you ever get the opportunity to meet her. Quotes
Brandon Hart

Quotes Personable: works well with colleagues and clients, High Integrity: trustworthy, consistent and reliable, and Creative: Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and implementation. Bottom line, I have referred dozens of clients to Dr. Gray, her business cards sit on my desk, and I have never, ever, gotten any negative feedback about her. Our judges trust her recommendations and findings, other attorneys use her in custody and divorce cases, and I have have sent dear friends to her for counseling as well. She is the best. Period. Quotes
D. Melissa Averett, Attorney at Law
NC Board Certified Family Law Specialist