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There Is No Price of Admission at the Time of Harvest

Posted by Ellen Gray on January 8, 2012 at 10:40 PM

     After falling off the writing track when my previous website was hacked and my earlier blog entries lost, I am emerging anew in the blogosphere spurred on by the start of a new year (and not just any year, at that).  Because January is a time of angst and resolutions, I will write my first entry about one of the top three domains of New Year's Resolutions,  financial discipline.  I am certainly not anti-financial discipline.  I believe we all could use more of that.  But sometimes our choices, if they come out of the fear of doing without in some nebulous future, can rob us of soul-nurturing experiences here and now. The steady paycheck instead of the risky but exciting new venture can exact a toll far greater than a little financial insecurity.  It can lead to regrets down the line of life 


    A scarcity mindset is one of the most prevalent neurotic templates I encounter among those I work with.  It underlies many unhealthy lifestyles, dysfunctional interpersonal problems, eating, hoarding and shopping addictions of many stripes, and much generalized human suffering.  I found myself saying to a client a while back, who was agonizing over one of those either/or career decisions, "It's only money."  Luckily, she found that strangely comforting because I did not mean to be flippant or dismissive.  What I intended was to challenge her unexamined assumption that financial security always trumps and trivializes any other motivation;  after all--we're adults.  But life is to be lived, and enjoyed, and we are here to produce and create and contribute.  And we are here to be happy--we do the most good that way.


     What I have referred to as a scarcity mindset is made up of  several limiting beliefs.  Psychotherapy is effective at ferreting out our beliefs that are limiting us.  Energy psychotherapy techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Teachnique (tapping therapy) is particularly good for releasing these limiting beliefs.

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